The world of Healthcare, Government and Medical Devices has become more demanding, unpredictable and complex, but full of opportunities in the future. Organizations must accelerate innovation and increase productivity to stay ahead. Your success is driven by a combination of technology and infrastructure, tied to investment, processes, vision and determination of your team to execute.

To unleash the potential of achieving your business and technology objectives, organizations are turning to Netspective, a leading services and solutions provider in Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries. Netspective has developed strategic solutions and frameworks that are offered to our customers to provide time to market advantages, reduced cost and most importantly achieves risk reduction. These benefits are achieved without reducing flexibility or ability to innovate or increasing cost of the solution.

These solutions are highly innovative, addresses several critical focus areas and have been developed using a combination of Open Source and low cost platforms. Our ability to capitalize on new thinking, new Technology and new business model possibilities has made us a recognized and respected solutions provider. And our expertise, experience and unmatched depth of knowledge allow us to deliver solutions to help our clients achieve better business results.

Our Solutions and Frameworks are –

medigy Medigy Health Apps Platform

Medigy –The Netspective Medigy solution is a social patient / physician engagement platform that helps execute innovative healthcare business models. Leveraging open source technologies provides the best of breed robust functionality, security and quality while keeping the cost low. Medigy provides Practice Management (PM), Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Patient Health Record (PHR) that meet MU compliance, Content for Patient’s consumption, Communication and Telemedicine tools, HIE and HL7 for health data integration and Clinical Data Repository, all encapsulated into a secure, HIPAA/ ARRA compliant architecture.

Fluent Fluent M2M Platform

Fluent – Fluent is a healthcare professional and patient centric solution that connects doctors, patients, families and caregivers with an integrated view of the patient data in a secure fashion. Fluent enables this by integration of existing health care systems such as EHR, hospital systems, and patient and content management systems with devices and other applications. Fluent offers a well thought out integration platform for Health care IT and device vendors who offer EHR, Medical equipment and technology solution and for innovators at health care business models who need customized health IT applications.The Fluent platform can be deployed on a cloud, as an on-premises solution, and behind a corporate firewall. EHR modules created by the system are MU certifiable, and HIPAA, ARRA, NIST compliant.

Narthex Narthex Cloud Agent

Narthex –The Netspective Narthex Cloud Agent provides a plug and play cloud gateway agent that a user can install in less than 5 minutes on any workstation, behind their firewall in their network, and allow them to securely perform data exchange.Once installed, users can use familiar PC / Mac functionality to securely transfer documents using military-grade security, HIPAA-compliant privacy, and financial-grade efficiency.

Narthex HL7 and Integration as a service

Connect– With our patented application-to-application business messaging solution, offered as Software-as-aService (SaaS) in the cloud, we provide customers with the most complete, secure and scalable service in the industry. Operating in the cloud means that we are scalable on demand and thus able to meet your peak demands instantaneously while bringing you total cost of ownership to be a minimum of 50% of your existing solution, since you only pay for what you use.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.