Government Agencies

The rapidity of the economic, political and social changes are driving new ways of governance in U.S. Civilian and Health government agencies especially with constraints being placed on the budget.Some of the most complex challenges today and in the near future are due to financial regulatory oversight reforms, healthcare system reforms, integration of technology and information sharing among law enforcement organizations, enhancing new transportation infrastructure and overhauling the education systems. Other areas in the government space needing attention include strengthening cyber security for latest threats, improving energy efficiency and green initiatives and improving budgeting and tax management.

Some of the goals of the government agencies are to –

  • Enable and ensure effective delivery of services to citizens while providing regional and individualistic personalization.
  • Increase the efficiency of business processes, provide quality service and optimal use of public resources
  • Evolve regulatory frameworks and manage them as they change
  • Provide easy to understand, secure and transparent services for all citizens
  • Manage and report revenue collection and expenditure efficiently
  • Build and manage infrastructure for real-time information sharing across agencies
  • Define metrics and measure for success of all outcomes across all activities

These goals can be achieved by U.S. government agencies only by improving and developing their IT solutions. With budget constraints today and in the near future, governments have to focus on being cost effective,enhancing productivity and reducing the cost of IT operations. Governments are thus undertaking infrastructure consolidation and virtualization, leveraging shared service models and moving towards open source and other cost-cutting alternatives.

Our IT solutions for the Government

Netspective works closely with civilian and health government agencies to help them achieve their public service goals and objectives effectively and efficiently, keeping the cost of technology and its management to a minimum. Our deep understanding of the processes across different agencies combined with our extensive technology capabilities allows us to facilitate a better decision making process inside and outside of government organizations. We provide world-class technology strategies, development and re-engineering, advanced analytics and operations management services.

We serve –

  • Federal government departments like Department of Homeland Security, US Agency for International Development, Office of the White House, Department of Housing, Department of Commerce, Numerous Financial services regulatory organizations and the Department of Agriculture.
  • State/Local government agencies.
  • Healthcare Regulatory/Administrative agencies like Department of Health and Human Services CMS, CDC, US FDA, NIH, Military Health System, Department of Veterans Affairs and other nonprofit health organizations.

Netspective is recognized as a thought leader and technology strategist. We draw our experience from decades of collaboration with government agencies. Working with cutting edge technologies with special focus on open source technologies, we offer valuable advice to the U.S. government organizations in the quest to achieve their goals. Our proven expertise in regulated industries helps deal with statutory and regulatory processes easily. We provide the following benefits –

  • Our experts help USA government agencies improve on delivery efficiency, save costs, reduce wastage and expand their revenue base. We also help them provide ubiquitous information services to citizens.
  • For technology integration, M2M communication and healthcare related business process automation, Netspective provides solutionsthat are technology frameworks to enable pilots and fast deployments. All of these are architected around open source platforms, thus helping reduce capital and operational expenditure while providing a perfect blend of management and the technological know-how
  • We bring you the power of cloud architecture and content management and also help facilitate monitoring and data intelligence, citizen centricity, process management and green IT keeping operational costs to a minimum. We help achieve automation and operational cost reduction even with constraints on the budget.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.