It takes more than sustaining and improving current value models to operate in today’s Healthcare and Medical Technology business. To build a platform for success in tomorrow’s business environment, new and innovative value models need to be in place as part of the organization’s innovation strategy.

The HITECH Act offers what may be the most significant opportunity that healthcare providers have ever had, to improve patient care and generate revenue substantially not only as a direct outcome of enhanced operational efficiency but also by way of increased Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. Under HITECH, the federal government is handing out billions in incentives to providers who successfully implement electronic medical

To get their share of HITECH funding, it’s critical for healthcare organizations to demonstrate that they are making meaningful use of their EMRs and integrating Medical / Clinical devices and applications with their EMRs.

Medical Devices and Applications firms have a similar advantage to gain from the HITECH funding, by providing value driven technology that helps providers achieve their efficiency and meaningful use goals.

Unfortunately, healthcare providers don’t have forever to capitalize on the HITECH opportunity. If providers don’t hit IT adoption goals soon, they could not only lose the chance to get incentives, but also face large fines. The time to act is now.

This is where both Healthcare providers and Medical solutions firms need to think of innovation. A good technology innovation strategy that is tied to incentives today can yield very good returns and is essential to the success of the organizations long term goals.

Innovation strategy services for healthcare providers

  • Study of existing clinical and administrative workflows and technology stack
  • Gap analysis vis-vis meaningful use compliance requirements
  • Strategic planning and education workshop
  • ARRA funding analysis to determine maximum incentives eligible for
  • Aligning budgets with EHR planning
  • Alignment of people, process and technologies with operations to yield maximum output
  • Creating a roadmap to achieve meaningful use compliance
  • Creating a healthcare information exchange plan
  • Evaluating shrink-wrapped products for suitability in terms of costs / benefits
  • Evaluation of prospective vendors for implementation support
  • Implementation oversight
  • EHR Privacy and Security review of readiness check for certification

Achieve meaningful use

Netspective can show you the ropes and help you create an optimized IT infrastructure that will enable you to take full advantage of the meaningful use opportunity while putting in place a long-term enterprise strategy that will ensure enhanced efficiency, better healthcare, greater safety and improved patient experiences.

We’ll help you put in place a meaningful-use-compliant IT environment and governance structure that will align with your organization’s strategic mission and enable secure exchange of electronic health and clinical information across the entire provider community and between IT applications and Medical Technology.

Innovation strategy services for medical technology firms

For medical equipment and applications firms, a true innovation system relies on the ability to visualize and anticipate needs of your current and future customers. Netspective helps Medical Technology firms build organizational cultures for fostering new ideas and collaboration among employees and enterprise networks by bringing an understanding of customers and technology, by enabling a partner eco-system and by leveraging strategic business and product strategy. We also focus on enabling the Medical Technology’s leadership team with expertise, infrastructure, and processes to execute effectively.

Netspective helps create value by developing new technologies, products, and services using industry proven product development processes. We also bring strategic innovation to Medical Technology firms that covers all areas of the enterprise market space, customer development, manufacturing and distribution channels, modes of product / service delivery, partner and vendor networks. Netspective helps Medical Technology firms build innovation strategy by –

  • Enhancing the understanding of existing value propositions and business models to Healthcare Providers
  • Provide thorough understanding of revised technology stack needed for clinical and administrative workflows
  • Focus on compliance requirements, with impacts of new regulations on the business
  • Redefine or create new innovation strategy mapping to top-line growth
  • Create an execution plan based on clear priorities and an agreed-upon scope
  • Aligning budgets with innovation by planning for processes, behaviors and infrastructure
  • Align people, process and technologies with operations to yield maximum output
  • Creating a roadmap to help your customers achieve meaningful use and other compliances
  • Helping providers reach their information sharing goals with new solution delivery models
  • Undertake privacy and security review for current platforms

Innovation at this level can help keep you ahead in a fast-changing world.

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