Fluent is a healthcare professional and patient centric solution that connects doctors, patients, families and caregivers with an integrated view of the patient data in a secure fashion. Fluent enables this by integration of existing health care systems such as EHR, hospital systems, and patient and content management systems with devices and other applications. Fluent offers a well thought out integration platform for the following enterprises:

  • Health care IT and device vendors who offer EHR, Medical equipment and technology solutions
  • Innovators of health care business models who need customized health IT applications looking to create modern EHRs, EMRs, billing service solutions, medical records management, hospital information systems,

The Fluent platform can be deployed on a cloud, as an on-premises solution, and behind a corporate firewall. Fluent provides the ability to create third party custom health care applications on the framework via an API. EHR modules created by the system are MU certifiable, and HIPAA, ARRA, NIST compliant.

Fluent’s key features:

  • Device Management

  • Device Provisioning and Configuration

  • Connectivity to Customer Cloud

  • Remote Service

  • Connectivity

  • Regulation

  • User Management

  • Privacy and Security

  • Performance Characteristics

  • Time Synchronization

  • Data Storage

  • Documentation

  • User Interface

  • Serviceability

Technical Specifications:

O.S.: Linux but portable to other platforms.

Database: MongoDB, a nosql and flexible database and MySQL database for high performance, scalable OLTP database applications

Programming languages: C++, Java

Web and application server and content management: Apache, PHP, Jboss, Drupal

BI services: Pentaho Business Intelligence for reporting and dashboard giving support to Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text Format (RTF), and plain text.

Benefits of Fluent:

Fluent delivers several business and operational benefits to Health care providers and Medical technology companies.

Operational benefits: The system has the capability to connect hospital systems, personal handheld devices of doctors, cross organizational connectivity and cloud services. The system shall have the capability to perform the following functions:

  • Interact with the medical device and record the vitals of the patients
  • Monitor the patient information, detect security threats and vulnerabilities, perform troubleshooting and run diagnostics on the information retrieved
  • Enable Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud models
  • Connect to other EMR devices, and other systems in the healthcare facility
  • Perform data analysis, device usage analysis, patient vital information analysis
  • Able to connect to third party software/applications through the network

We bring in industry interoperatability standards like ICE and plan to support future standards like UL2800 to provide seamless integration and ensure the devices function interdependently as architected.

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