Technology Services

Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries are at a cusp of bringing tremendous innovation into their business that are effective, bringing measurable business impacts. Areas can include information technology or IT, such as technical support in infrastructure like security, cloud, mobility or application development, maintenance or management or analytics, regulated IT testing or security. For Product firms, this will also include full product development lifecycle from Hardware and embedded software to User Interface and Industrial Design to Server side product enablement, support, testing and integration.

Organizations is these industries today are challenged to do more with less, working in a demanding marketplace, under severe financial and risk constraints, all within the framework of complex regulations. Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology firms need to continuously identify their internal technology strengths and capabilities as they strategize and plan their initiatives, and then build a outsourcing plan that enables meeting the business and technology objectives. This means outsourcing for technology services moving strategic and non-strategic initiatives to partners that can bring innovation culture, management capabilities, understanding of their industry and business processes and technology skills.

How can Netspective help?

Netspective’s technology services portfolio addresses your need to take full advantage of technology to drive your business so you can deliver value to your customers. We deliver technology innovation, development and support how, when and where you want. The Technology services portfolio is a simplified and standardized across all technologies for the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries.

Netspective’s Offerings

We extend our services in various aspects of technology from development to testing, sustenance, deployment and management of products and services in the government, healthcare and medical technology space. Netspective’s cutting edge technology services help you understand and analyze your technology needs from well architected solutions to release management and helps your business grow along with laying a strong foundation for the future.

Development: After an idea for a product is conceived and before development can start, a number of varied factors have to be taken into consideration like

  • Deciding on the technology for implementation
  • Would the end product need to be platform independent or otherwise?
  • Would it need to be interoperable?
  • Would it be standalone or would it need to be integrated to an existing legacy system?

All these are deciding factors that shape what the characteristics of the end product would be. Given Netspective’s experience in the healthcare, government and medical technology industries, we help you to choose the right technology that meets your business objectives and also ensures privacy, security and regulatory compliance.

Testing: Testing is an essential component in all kinds of development. To be able to test the product effectively, the test cases would need to simulate the actions of the end user. With today’s competitive environments, organizations are forced to put products out into the market in shorter spans of time. Netspective’s services range from IV&V to automation testing and regulatory compliance for the government, healthcare sector and medical technology industries.

Sustenance: In a race to put more and more feature enriched solutions to the market, enterprises have added on countless plug-ins and functionalities to the already existing system resulting in a huge system prone to errors, spiraling maintenance costs and ultimately reducing the product life. Netspective’s proven sustenance solutions help you make the best of your current investments and improve system maintainability thereby reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Deployment: Netspective provides you with deployment solutions that best fits in with your business objectives. Our solutions also lay the foundation for easy integration of future add-ons. We follow a well established set of processes and industry best practices to help you deliver your solution to your customers in the shortest possible time.

Manage: Our management services deliver solutions that are tailored to the needs of the organization. Our highly scalable and robust solutions protect your applications in addition to satisfying the privacy, security and compliance mandates of the industry.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.