Go To Market

All Product or Services firms need to define channels they will use to connect with their clients and generate revenue and profitability. This includes organizational processes such as development, branding strategies and market research and analysis. These processes are essential in guiding sales strategies and carrying customer interactions from initial contact through to fulfillment.

A firm’s Go-To-Market strategy should help them develop and deliver a unique value proposition to their target market. A good value proposition is based on informed decisions on developing market focus, investments in product or service development and investments in sales. These well calculated decisions are based on the firms perspective on how the market will positively respond.Fine-tuning the target markets into granular categories and building value propositions that are unique or differentiated for that category are some of the key strategies to be followed by organizations.

There’s never been a better and more important time to innovate.

  • Tighter budgets, new technologies and the competitive necessity to re-think, reinvent and rewire are creating unprecedented conditions for a new wave of game-changing innovation.
  • Much of the innovative technology today has been born out of low-cost low-risk environments including software-as-a-service and mobile functionality.

Go To Market – Distinctive strategies from Netspective

Netspective provides an end-to-end expertise to help technology and services firms develop their Go-To-Market strategy. Netspective brings a complete knowledge of the Medical Technology markets with an in-depth understanding of market trends, regulatory environments and sourcing approaches. We address not only the firm’s business challenges but also the medical technology needs. Our areas of support include:

  • Market sizing and discovery
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Change management
  • ROI analysis
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Surveys & polling
  • Historical data for predictive analysis
  • Using low cost tools to empower breakthrough thinking
  • Redefining you company’s vision

Netspective has conducted numerous New Product Development (NPD) marketing opportunity analysis and Voice of the Customer (VoC) projects. Our capabilities are –

Market Opportunity Analysis

  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • Analyzing customer needs and experiences
  • Strategic positioning
  • Leveraging Big Data and keyword research

Concept Development and Selection

  • Idea generation
  • Understanding customer requirements and the customer activity cycle
  • Integrating product and service development concepts
  • Concept testing and fast prototyping for products and services
  • Agile, lean and distributed delivery to optimize investments and leverage new methodologies to create innovative applications

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

  • Selecting the right types of customers to include
  • Recruiting customers and scouting locations
  • Conducting focus groups, Individual in-depth interviews (IDIs), ethnography studies
  • Preparing formal reports for marketing teams
  • Understanding the changing nature of customer preferences and behaviors with search, social media and content.

Product/Service Integration and Customer Adoption

  • Integrating service applications.
  • The customer adoption process
  • Sustainability issues
  • Closing the loop between marketing and sales
  • The integration of social and search optimization with content marketing
  • Combining SaaS APIs for better and more cost effective integrations

Launch Strategies and Tactics

  • Scale and scope
  • Marketing activities for the launch
  • The emerging role of social media
  • Thinking like a publisher with content marketing
  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Measuring results with analytics
  • Adapting to changes in technology, customer behavior and marketing results

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.