Healthcare IT

The business of healthcare continues to get more complex as patients, providers, public health payers, regulators, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, pharmacy and technology companies become more connected with each other and directly affect health outcomes.

In order to extend next generation care to patients, healthcare needs to drive rapid reforms with all care associated entities focusing on implementing regulation mandates, bringing workflow integration, creating and implementing new processes and automating them with adequate privacy and security measures to protect patient data to improve clinical intelligence and quality of care.

The focus of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and medical device firms is to reduce healthcare cost with greater emphasis on evidence based metrics. These industries see healthcare IT innovations, like mHealth, Telehealth, EHR and EMR, Process Automation, Patient Portals, and Medical Device Integration, as providers of new business opportunities. However, these innovations require strategic thinking in order to deliver value to patients, providers and payers in the future. A good approach would be to respond to these dynamics through multiple, concurrent strategies that include alliances and partnerships across their entire value chain.

New Models in Healthcare – HIE, ACO, PCMH, PCPPC

Large healthcare provider groups, academic medical centers, community hospitals and small or individual practice provider organizations are re-engineering their business operations and automation initiatives to improve their clinical operations and the quality of care. These re-engineering initiatives also focus on keeping operating costs to a minimum. The ultimate objective of these organizations are to enable the creation and adoption of new business models, health information exchanges(HIE), accountable care organizations(ACO), e-consulting enablement, access to clinical analytics, medical homes (PCMH) and seamless systems interoperability in order to achieve patient-centered care (PCPPC).

The primary focus of healthcare providers need to be on the incentives for electronic health record (EHR) adoption for Meaningful Use and the integration of information across practices through HIE or ACO models. Healthcare business and clinical leaders need to evaluate these challenges and make decisions necessary to protect their core businesses while providing patient centered wellness and effective patient care.

Get Ready for Healthcare Reform with Netspective

Netspective enables healthcare organizations to re-define strategic business goals, streamline internal processes and leverage latest technology to create cost effective solutions. Our solutions focus on improving patient care and developing customer intimacy while maintaining security, privacy and regulatory compliance mandates.

Netspective brings a comprehensive approach to managing and transforming your business. We address the current challenges and also lay a strong foundation for easy integration for the future. We aid healthcare providers with –

  • Enabling and optimizing their business for a dynamically changing business model. This includes Meaningful Use, ACO, PCMH and other initiatives, bringing healthcare providers closer to a patient-centric healthcare model.
  • Providing a deep understanding of how regulatory standards align with their business and associated technology. Given our leadership role on many advisory boards for regulatory standards, we help bring a unique perspective to our customers.
  • Understanding and organizing valuable data given that sources of digitized data will change and grow dramatically
  • Implementing innovative solutions that provide greater emphasis on wellness management and preventive care, leading to differentiated operating models.

Our Services in the Healthcare IT space

Netspective offers several solutions and services to bring measurable business impacts for healthcare providers. These include:

  • Consulting Services We build strategies for your overall business, manage technology and vendors, enable business process optimization, provide industry and technology research and provide guidance on regulatory compliance and standards.
  • Technology Services We do an end-to-end technology planning from application or solution architecture to development, testing and test automation, deployment and management, analytics, cloud and mobility, web 2.0 and integration
  • Solutions We provide pre-built frameworks for EHR integration with Medigy and M2M connectivity and integration with Fluent. Our newly designed framework, Cloud Agent with Narthex and Connect, allows for integration between applications and application to medical devices.

Going for Netspective services and solutions can guarantee healthcare providers with the following benefits

  • Business and IT optimization bringing increase in profitable revenue
  • Operational efficiency by reducing costs and optimizing business performance
  • Information management and integration with technology lifecycle management as a business differentiator and enabler
  • Security and privacy management by combining compliance, well defined architecture, best of breed solutions and ease of use
  • Risk management by bringing strategic and tactical view together to take an optimized approach in regulated environments
  • Faster clinical response time with analytics enabled decision making, providing information anytime, anywhere and on any device

We also help you with –

  • Legacy system modernization
  • EHR selection and implementation
  • mHealth and e-health initiatives
  • HIPAA 5010 and Omnibus rule
  • ICD 9 to ICD-10 conversion
  • Remote health monitoring
  • ACO and HIE creation and management
  • Business and clinical analytics
  • Infrastructure architecture and management for cloud and connectivity/ networking/ mobility
  • Information assurance, security and privacy policy enablement

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.