Business collaboration online is here to stay, but keeping it secure is an ongoing challenge. As identity thieves grow more sophisticated and regulators begin to demand tighter controls — standard access management solutions based on ID provisioning have fallen behind. Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology Industries today need sophisticated solutions in place as they adopt technology for process automation, information and workflow integration between organizations and provide better services and solutions to their customer base.

When using last-gen ID provisioning systems, enterprises have been forced to patch together fragmented, overlapping access and authorization mechanisms into an awkward mix. This mix of technologies creates headaches for everyone who uses it. For one thing, it makes it hard for employees, customers and partners to get access to the systems they use. Worse, these patchwork systems may be less secure than you think.

Isn’t it time to roll out a streamlined identity management system one which doesn’t upset users, open new security holes or cost a fortune to maintain and manage?


Identity management that works

Netspective can build a system that supports everyone involved in the identity management process, from employees to IT managers to senior executives, without adding needless layers of complexity. Even better, we’ll free you from the need for investing countless man-hours in patching, re-work and maintenance of identity management systems.

We have extensive experience at every step in the enterprise security management process, including design, deployment and implementation of enterprise-wide secure systems. Systems we design pull together identity management, directory services, provisioning services, authentication services, access management services and authorization services intelligently and smoothly.

Netspective’s security consulting team starts with business process study that determines the ownership of various attributes, credentials and entitlement of user identity. The end result is an authoritative identity source that provides a clean integration of people and technologies within the enterprise.

The Netspective Identity Governance System includes:

  • Data collection
  • Data aggregation and correlation
  • Role management
  • Access certification
  • Policy enforcement
  • Access request management
  • Risk modeling

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