The remarkable growth in mobility among the global community has spurred an equivalent increase in the number of mobile devices and networks connecting each other. Mobility is a significant asset in the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology business. The power of mobility combined with real time connectivity with mission critical systems can give enterprises a tremendous advantage, ability to respond to customers or public effectively and can drastically change the way business is done.


In these industries where ubiquitous communication is vital, effective connectivity is essential for decision making, competent work flows and quick responses. With the rapidly increasing availability of wireless connectivity for staff and equipment, Mobility and Wireless connectivity enables teams to continuously collaborate anytime, anywhere and gain instant access to notifications, requests and information thereby improving business efficiency and value.

Mobility and Wireless the Netspective way

Netspective has been a leader in Connectivity and Integration, bringing business transformation to the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries. Our approach is to bring our deep expertise and knowledge about these industries, the market changes and directions, and understanding of business processes. Then we bring together our extensive technical capabilities with this business knowledge to Architect and design an optimized solution, impacting the enterprise, individual business unit or specific products.

Netspective holistically looks at what impacts can be achieved with mobility –

  • Bringing data, process automation and new product or service functionality to internal or external customers in a secure and easy to use fashion.
  • Provide convergence of technologies and information from disparate solutions, building the next generation of products or I.T. Services.
  • Bring together our expertise in the deployment of various wireless applications across multiple back-end systems. This allows you to be able to tap into our knowledgebase for your mobility requirements.
  • Provide our proven proficiency in mobile architecture as well as our systems engineering to help you build robust systems.
  • Bring our knowledge of the security standards in the wireless space combined with our knowledge of the regulations specific to the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries to make us your ideal choice

Netspective’s offering

Netspective offers services in 3 distinct areas of mobility. We bring our regulated industry knowledge to mesh all these 3 areas into a network that meets the availability, security and privacy requirements of any organization. Our areas of specialty are:

Wi-Fi and Wireless Infrastructure services

Netspective wireless solutions can help your enterprise improve efficiency and save on costs. Our end to end enterprise solutions helps your organization to accomplish reliable, secure, high quality and ubiquitous wireless infrastructure customized to your specific requirements.

In the Wireless Medical Device

Our services allow for application connectivity and easy access to intelligent data with the back end servers whether they are networked in-house or is cloud based.

Platform Independent Mobility Applications

Our platform independent solutions bring information to the users independent of the device they are using thus giving them more flexibility. This flexibility in being able to access the same application across different environments with varied processing capabilities and different operating systems allows them to choose platforms that best help them to get their jobs done smarter and manage their lives better. Our approach in using widely deployable standards like HTML5 or proprietary solutions with adequate tools that allows us to deliver applications that once developed can be deployed across multiple devices.

Our Mobile Application services focuses on User Interface to bring user acceptance and adoption of Mobile applications, providing better user experience. Our development capabilities span across various Mobile platforms from IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry as well as leveraging tools like PhoneGap or others to create application portability.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.