Changes in the Healthcare and Medical Technology Industry

The US Healthcare and Medical Technology industry is experiencing unprecedented change amid growing concerns of regulations, compliance, increasing costs, and quality of service. The stakeholders are numerous and keeping everyone happy is challenging and overwhelming.

Organizations, both large and small, are faced with unique challenges that require them to continuously adapt, comply, and innovate. Business processes will have to evolve and the stakeholders (providers, payers, hospitals, clinicians, operations staff, consumers, employees) will have to utilize the breakthroughs effectively to control costs, reduce wastage and provide quality service that satisfies the end customers (patients, regulators, consumers and doctors).It is important for stakeholders to anticipate changes and plan strategies accordingly. The emergence of innovative methods and products, platforms like cloud and mobility present excellent alternatives to the existing practices that have plagued these industries. With exciting breakthroughs comes a fair share of doubts and uncertainties that have to be addressed to create viable alternatives that meet all the stakeholders needs. This is where Netspective can help you.

Netspective’s domain expertise in healthcare along with our technical expertise helps provide your organization with the resources required to improve and attain your key business objectives. Our service integrated approach to consulting provides the healthcare practitioners with acumen and helps design scalable solutions and implement them to deliver quality, efficiency, and long-term value.

The US leads the world in industry innovation, quality of care and services that it provides to its citizens. Ironically, the cost of healthcare and government services, wasteful workflows and complexity of operations are also way too high. The stakeholders in this ecosystem have vested interests and conflicting objectives that make one side extremely successful while making the other side totally vulnerable.

Strategies with a Difference

With extensive business and technology expertise, Netspective can guide the players in the Healthcare and Medical Technology ecosystem out of the complex challenges existing in these industries today.Netspective’s consulting services can independently work with organizations and their partners to integrate disparate systems so as to enable interoperability and allow for the access of information anytime.

Business: Netspective provides strategic advice and support for Healthcare and Medical technology firms to help prepare them for legislative, regulatory, technology and market changes. We help you understand ACA and HITECH, changes to FDA compliance and the impact of CMS plans like ACO. With a skilled team of professionals, we help with your business planning for new technology adoption or connecting with HIE’s. In addition to analyzing the impact of market demands and competition, we can also assist in defining specific goals, objectives and strategies for your organization. We also help assess new opportunities and provide business solutions. We can also review your current business models and redefine your core competency so as to increase your business effectiveness.

Innovation: Netspective aids healthcare and medical technology firms build a sustainable innovation strategy by helping the healthcare enterprises with headwinds faced in the industry today. Along with providing solutions for the smooth integration of disparate systems and meeting compliance mandates, we can bring in new devices and platforms facilitating interoperability and incorporating the benefits of Meaningful Use and the HITECH act.

Product: Netspective’s approach to building a complete product or platform portfolio includes examining your entire product delivery process end-to-end. By interviewing key stakeholders, we get to know the organization’s goals. These goals are then evaluated to understand the extent to which it aligns with the existing product management and marketing strategies. With this evaluation data in hand, we can provide you a review of your key processes and an assessment of the level of integration required for the existing product functions with marketing, sales and client services.

Technology: Netspective focuses on mapping the organization’s business goals and strategies with their expectations from technology. We can guide you in picking the core technologies that best suits your needs and provide you with solutions to implement these technologies. We also analyze the infrastructure, hardware, software, OS and architecture requirements. We help leverage cloud, mobility and social media to provide solutions that help you put out distinctive products in the market place.

Vendor: Our vendor management services take care of product and technology acquisition as well as contingent staffing and outsourcing. We build customized vendor management strategies based on your needs. We help you pick and choose from the many choices that you have managed, in-house, outsourcing and on-premise services and solution providers.

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