Test Automation

The past few years have seen drastic changes in testing methodologies. Organizations are moving towards test automation in order to save on cost and time. Enterprises are analyzing every phase of the testing life cycle to find out the areas that can be automated by using tools. From initial automated testing strategies where scripting knowledge was required to write scripts to automate testing, the testing industry has gone to making script less testing frameworks. These advancements in automation without the knowledge of scripting languages have allowed users with good business knowledge to create the automation scripts based on the business usecases.

A good Test Automation Framework and plan provides the ability to improve your product quality, enhance the ability to deliver releases quickly, and provides for easy ability to manage your use cases in a regulated environment. All these have a tremendous impact on cost, quality and revenue impact to the business.

How can Netspective help?

With years of experience in implementing and testing critical applications, Netspective provides testing and test automation frameworks that yields good returns on your investment. At Netspective, we use industry best practices while designing our test automation framework within which we maintain loosely coupled yet well-integrated components so as to enable re-usability.

With shorter spans to enable applications, ensuring the quality of the product or I.T. application is paramount before it is pushed out into the hands of the users.

  • We assess your organization’s automation needs and provide a wide range of options customized to your business needs.
  • Netspective’s testing frameworks help to easily trace the business requirements to the test cases. This traceability ensures that all business requirements have been included in the release and are tested before moving it out into the market.
  • Our regression testing automation suite helps enterprises reap automation benefits by providing a wider span of code coverage. With the module re-usability of the test suite, automation scripts can be used for longer periods of time. It also allows for the incorporation of defect management so that every bug is also regression tested.

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