Coding and Engineering

Most Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology firms are able to develop the strategy, planning and architecture of their IT solution or product / platform internally or with outside consulting help in a short time. The next biggest challenge is enabling a large team of skilled resources that bring ability to innovate and refine the ideas, then convert these ideas into physical devices, embedded software or application software with appropriate User Interface and Industrial Design that can beat the business and technology objectives. Enterprises in industries other than Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology have been leveraging various outsourcing models to enable a large team for short duration. The key is to choose a partner that builds a skilled team, can bring in domain and technology ideas to help you build the best in class product or application and can help re-tool your existing team.

Product Engineering Services Portfolio

Global hardware makers face challenges on every front. Whether it’s making steadily-smaller devices, holding down power consumption or just keeping up with product development cycles, it’s an endless battle to keep up with competitors. But we can offer you the edge you need.Netspective industry veterans offer the full lifecycle of domain-specific services focused on embedded and real-time systems, including domain-specific hardware engineering and design services in areas such as VLSI, SOC engineering, board design, embedded software, mechanical engineering and design prototyping. Our industry expertise includes broad experience in medical electronics, consumer electronics, computing and storage, telecom and networking products.

Netspective provides an edge:

As your product development partner, Netspective offers:

  • Proven expertise in developing critical hardware products and components
  • A systematic approach that translates ideas and specifications into sellable products
  • A well-defined methodology for taking technical feasibility, features, costs and ergonomics into silicon engineering for both digital and analog semiconductor products
  • Total product development capability from concept to completion
  • Quick turnaround times
  • In-depth expertise in verification and testing
  • Support from specifications to functional implementation and verified RTL

Consulting: Focuses on requirements study, product feasibility analysis, and comparative study of competing products in the market regarding features, functions, form factor and cost; exploration of different architecture for features, performance, cost, end-of life of components, manufacturability, RoHS and power consumption; estimating costs of prototype and volume manufacturing, and final recommendations.

Hardware Engineering: Services provided range from architecture design and proof of concept all the way to production ramp up for high-volume manufacturing of digital integrated circuits and components with critical dimensions in the micro and nanometer range.

Verification and Validation: Our verification service ensures that the product is being built right in terms of architectural design and concepts, while our validation service ensures that the right product is being built in terms of envisaged features and functionalities.


Software Development Services Portfolio

Finding a shrink-wrapped solution that meets your workflow requirements can be very difficult. Each organization is unique, and has its own specific goals and objectives, its own processes and procedures. When you know what you need, but off-the-shelf products won’t get the job done, custom development on embedded, desktop, server side or mobile software application development expertise is the answer.

Support for your entire development life cycle

Netspective offers a very broad range of custom application development services, including the addition of new features and functions to existing applications, application re-engineering, migration of legacy systems to modern technology platforms and web-enabling of legacy applications.

Netspective senior software development team offers not just knowledge and experience, but also mature processes and methodologies, a firm command of industry best practices, a portfolio of re-usable components and efficient coding practices that lead to significantly lower costs.


System Analysis and Design

Once the market study is completed and a decision has been arrived at regarding what product to develop, the next step is to decide how to go about developing it. Netspective will help you develop a cost-effective solution that can potentially perform customers jobs better than solutions offered by the competition. Since problems popping up during the design phase can result in very expensive remedial work later in the development process, Netspective pays careful attention to ensure the design is logical. A prototype will be developed as proof of concept. Our team also pays close attention to the scalability of the application to accommodate future requirements.

Code Generation

Once the conceptual system is designed, developed and tested in a hypothetical environment, Netspective developers will move in. The development team will translate the design into a machine-readable form through code generation.

Development Methodologies

Based on the product under development and various other parameters, Netspective will adopt a suitable System Development Life Cycle methodology from those given below:

  • Waterfall Model
  • Structured Evolutionary Prototyping Model
  • Incremental Model
  • Spiral Development Model
  • Agile Development Model
    • Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
    • Feature Driven Development (FDD)
    • Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM)
    • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
    • Scrum
    • Extreme Programming (XP)
    • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
    • Tailored Development Model

When we develop an application, we focus on implementing the high-priority features quickly then adding on the bells and whistles.To do this, we use an agile development model that allows requirements and design to be continuously refined as code development progresses, building applications in small increments and validating them as we proceed.

Multi-platform, multi-industry expertise

Netspective builds, deploys and maintains scalable applications for a wide spectrum of clients in the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

We use both proprietary and Open Source technologies to develop highly customized and intuitive solutions. When we build applications, you can be sure that you’re getting cutting-edge technology based on the most flexible, powerful platforms available today. We bring significant experience working on proprietary as well as open source platforms across multiple end point hardware like Desktops, Servers, Cloud, Mobility, Custom hardware, etc. Our team also has exposure to a variety of other technologies deployed across other industries outside of Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology, which substantially reduces the technology learning curve, while allowing us to quickly build tailor-made regulated products and IT solutions.

Open Source software is a critical tool for today’s business. Not only is it free, it’s often more powerful than commercially available products. What’s more, you benefit from the skillsof a large community of programmers who continually develop, improve and evolve its core.

In the proprietary model, companies write code, hide it behind binaries, charge customers vast sums for use of the software, and then charge them again for updates and fixes.But Open Source development frees you from vendor lock-in.


If you are ready to kick off or enhance your Open Source infrastructure, Netspective is highly qualified to help. Our Open Source services span the entire solutions space, ranging from enterprise architecture and application development to application integration and data migration. We offer focused research and development support and specialized consultancy services on architectural design, performance optimization, migration and security.

Whether you need an e-commerce system, an online business application, a collaborative networking solution, an easy to use content management solution, or a back-end system for data management, Netspective offers customized solutions on the Open Source platform.

Our engineers use Open Source technologies to build a wide range of enterprise solutions while contributing their share to the Open Source communities, including LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) for custom-designed e-business solutions and online web applications; Drupal for web-based content management solutions; Eclipse for rich-client applications; and Ruby on Rails to unleash the power of Web 2.0.

What’s more, wea’ve created a repository of best practices in frameworks, tools and implementation techniques based on our experience with Open Source technologies and can leverage this to your advantage.

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET is a collection of technologies which, when integrated across the Microsoft platform, allows developers to quickly build, deploy, manage and use connected, secure solutions with XML Web services. .NET allows developers to use multiple programming languages on a single platform. Add to this the extensive support for Web Services that .NET offers, and you have a comprehensive solution that can help organizations achieve faster business integration.


Netspective has unmatched experience with .NET development tools. Not only are we experts at building with .NET, we continually experiment with new releases to understand their features and capabilities. Netspective .NET practice also provides a suite of modular solution offerings that enable collaboration internally across applications and externally with partners.



Netspective Java competency helps clients realize the benefits of Java Enterprise platforms and related technologies including Web Services. With experienced Java consultants skilled on all J2EE platforms, Netspective has built a center of excellence that focuses on skill building, knowledge management and pioneering research in emerging Open Source technologies. We’ve also compiled a rich knowledge base of best practices for using Java frameworks, tools and implementation techniques.

Netspective acts as a transformation partner in realizing the vision of an agile IT enterprise. Our Open Source practice offers technology capabilities that span the entire solutions space including architecture and application development, application integration and migration.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.