Clouds: Driving Down Computing Costs

Cloud computing has made quite a stir in the technology industry. Offering a new massively scalable implementation model, cloud computing significantly reduces IT and product costs, optimizes system workload and improves application service delivery for end users and customers. Enterprises in the Healthcare, Government and Medical technology industries are excited by the new dimension available with cloud models, especially the ability to add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure.

There are a lot of questions going around as to what cloud computing really is. We would define cloud computing in very simple terms as technology Infrastructure, platform and / or applications delivered as services online and billed just as utilities, like electric power or subscriptions for magazines. For the regulated industries, cloud solutions can be architected to provide secure access and cater to privacy, information availability and scalability at a lower cost.

Netspective offers up-to-the-minute cloud computing expertise


With the immense possibilities that virtualization and SOA offer, the time is not far when loosely coupled services running on an agile, scalable infrastructure will make integrated cloud computing the way to go. We leverage the deep customization and application configuration capabilities that the cloud infrastructure offers, and help organizations reap the benefits of greater scalability, reduced risk, total disaster recovery and impressive up-times. The cloud services currently available are for the most part isolated service clouds that customers must plug into individually. However, we can show you where cloud computing is going and how it will converge into an integrated computing model offering tremendous power and flexibility. We have been early adopters of the business model, and run a strong practice as cloud computing aggregators and integrators. We help organizations integrate cloud components with other enterprise applications whether they are third-party or developed in-house.

Leveraging SaaS A whole new dimension to providing software solutions

Offering much of the functionality of standard solutions and without the big upfront investment, Netspective’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offer businesses an attractive new dimension of software solutions for their needs. Rather than licensing applications, buying supporting equipment, tuning applications, debugging the install, trainingusers and maintaining the code, we help you leverage the power of SaaS to easily and cost effectively access applications over the Internet.

Cloud computing services emerging quickly

With the short track record of cloud services, the enterprises in the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology space are not able to evaluate these services on their efficiency and security.A cloud computing is maturing, there is a good number of providers delivering cloud-based services, from full-blown applications to storage solutions to spam filtering and email services. Netspective helps you choose the service providers that meet your solution requirements and aligns with our enterprise architecture. The services currently available in the market place include:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) where a vendor of software products for the Medical or Government industry delivers a single application through the browser to a large subscriber base using a multi-tenant architecture
  • Utility Computing, which makes use of its virtual servers to allow clients to combine memory, I/O, storage and computing capacity as a virtualized resource available over the Internet.
  • Web Services, which offers Application Programming Interfaces (API) that allow developers to exploit the functionalities over the internet rather than delivering full-blown applications
  • Platform as a Service, which delivers the development environment for you to build and deliver regulated applications that run on the service provider’s infrastructure
  • Managed Service, where vendors offer such services as virus protection (e.g. Kaspersky), security management (e.g. Verizon) etc. over the net
  • As a Service Hub, where providers can, for example, provide patient portal services on demand by paying a pre-defined price
  • Internet Integration for in-the-cloud integration of cloud-based services from various providers.

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