Operational Excellence with Lean Six Sigma

Process Improvement using Lean Six Sigma

Netspective-Lean-Six-Sigma-OE-Package Achieve Operational Excellence in your organization with Netspective’s Lean Six Sigma consulting, training, and implementation services.It focuses on eliminating waste from core operational processes thereby building high quality business processes and increasing efficiency, quality, operational speed and customer satisfaction.

We believe in understanding your current organizational processes before providing you a solution. Our team will work with your staff to streamline processes, improve productivity of your staff, increase your ROI and address your organization’s strategic priorities.

Netspective Lean Six Sigma OE Package

Identification, Assessment and Training

  • Understand and learn about the organization.
  • Help establish operational excellence definitions that are comprehensible at all levels of the organization.
  • Conduct tactical interviews with team leads and stakeholders to know the current goals.
  • Identify areas of improvement and assess the potential changes needed to the existing processes with a detailed analysis of the impact of the changes to the business.
  • Provide strategies to incorporate process improvements into the current organizational processes.
  • Provide workshops, seminars and webinars to aid with your team’s orientation of lean six sigma.

Planning and Implementation

  • Plan in detail and generate tangible outputs of planning by creating baselines in the project portfolio management, integration management, communications management and assessment plans.
  • Frequent meetings with team to implement changes and gather feedback.
  • Collaborate with the team in making informed decisions.
  • Define clear and explicit, visual product or information workflows that can easily be read by anyone in the organization.
  • Define workflows to handle scenarios when processes are seen to deviate from established baselines.
  • Define and establish mitigation strategies for risks and off-course processes.

Process Improvement

  • Quickly spot deviations from standard baselines and make course corrections based on deviations from the baseline.
  • Identify corrective actions and implement preventive actions.
  • Take timely feedbacks from clients and the team personnel to improve the project deployment model.
  • Publish lessons learnt, retrospectives and achievements.
  • Strategy refinement based on historical information, lessons learnt and retrospectives.

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