U.I. & I.D.

At Netspective, we’ve developed user interface design into a fine art, focusing not only on the functions that a software system needs to provide, but also the way in which it presents them to users.


Leveraging the capabilities of a team of highly talented graphic artists and UI specialists, Netspective designs graphic interfaces that are both aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate.

We take care to make sure that pages have a simple, uncluttered look; that the images used are light and easy to load; that high priority elements are given visual prominence to catch the user’s eye; that related elements are grouped together logically; that highly visible navigational aids are provided to help users along; and that the overall visual statement is in tune with the objectives of the website.

How our UI design process works

When we work on your UI design, we follow a thorough, carefully-defined process which produces consistent results.

First, the graphics team creates multiple design templates for review by the client. Once the template is approved, the UI team will build CSS classes that support different scripting languages like JavaScript and VBScript, and convert the design templates into HTML code that can be incorporated into the web application. To improve the manageability, readability and customization of the interfaces, the CSS classes and script code will be kept in separate files.

Once constructed, we check the interface for alignment defects using tools like jRuler and FastStone. We then test the interface at various screen resolutions and also check it for compatibility with popular browsers like IE, Mozilla, Safari and Chrome. The completed interface will be quick to load, SEO-ready, W3C validated and Section 508 compliant.

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