Today’s market competition forces products or solutions to rapidly evolve to meet the growing demands of the industry. This makes enterprises in the regulated industries like Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology to put out new technologies and feature enhancements to the users in a shorter span of time. Consequentially, organizations would like to cut down on the time for testing in order to allow more time to market the product.

Even though organizations want to reduce the time spent on testing, the quality of the end product that needs to be put out to the user should not suffer. It should meet all business objectives, functional requirements, industry regulations and the safety and privacy criteria. If an end product is buggy, there will be very little adoption by the user even though the best solution is out there. Hence all solutions need to undergo a quality assurance process from the beginning of the product lifecycle and a meticulous testing before delivery and deployment. It is also vital that the products be tested from functionality, performance and system integration point of view, so as to satisfy the varied needs of their customers.

In the mobile space, there has been an explosion of mobile devices in the recent years operating on all sorts of platforms, screen sizes and processing capabilities. Before deploying applications on these disparate systems, every targeted platform needs to be intensively tested. This calls for automated testing so as to achieve a complete and thorough testing of each device in shorter spans of time.

Netspective comprehensive QA & Testing packages

Netspective proven experience in enabling test planning and execution of applications on various platforms makes us an ideal choice for Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology firms of all sizes. We bring –

  • Our extensive testing packages ensure systematic and comprehensive testing on every targeted platform and runs through a whole lot of simulated test scenarios.
  • Our knowledge of the global standards and regulations allows us to incorporate checks on these as well, as part of our verification and validation process. Whether it is 510K or other standards, we’ve been there and have done it several times over which helps us to provide valuable insights to accurate and speedy processes.
  • We provide comprehensive testing services consisting of functional, virtualization, load and performance, usability, conformance, interoperability, SOA and validation testing.
  • Our test automation services reduce valuable time spent on regression testing. Our testing framework, tools, and methodologies helps you deliver cost-effective high quality products.

IV&V , Automation & Compliance for the perfect performance

Quality is an aspect no Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology firm is willing to compromise on even with shorter times to push products or applications out into the hands of users.

Netspective testing and validation services ensure the completeness and flawless performance of the product. Our test suite encompasses a comprehensive simulation of a whole universe of test scenarios and expected behaviors to give you a fully tested and verified product.

Our comprehensive test suite includes:

  • Functional: Integration and Regression Testing
  • Non-Functional: Compatibility, Usability and Scalability Testing
  • Performance: Load, Stress and Volume Testing
  • Security: Risk Assessment, Security Reviews

Our services extend to

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V): We provide an independent evaluation of your products including identification and mitigation/removal of risks at every stage of the development life cycle. Our adherence to the IEEE standards for IV&V and SEI-CMMI also allows us to help align the quality of your system’s performance with industry standards.

Test Automation: By using fully integrated test automation tools, we provide exceptional value to our customers in the government, healthcare and medical technology industries by helping save on valuable time and cost.

Compliance: Our expertise in the regulatory compliance space helps us to give appropriate guidance to our clients in the government and medical space. We are committed to keeping ourselves well-updated on the current and upcoming regulatory mandates which allow us to help you meet your business objectives along with adhering to the compliance regulations.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.