Enterprise I.T.

Enterprise IT planning is an immensely valuable process. It helps organizations create technically viable, cost effective projects which are easy to execute. It also capitalizes on existing technology investments, allowing enterprises scale their infrastructure to accommodate future upgrades and enhancements. This process can be particularly helpful in government, where systems often cut across agency boundaries and highly varied technologies.


But developing government IT plans is a big job. It requires in-depth technical knowledge, deep expertise in enterprise architecture design and enterprise application Integration, and extensive domain exposure to come up with a comprehensive enterprise IT implementation plan.

That’s what Netspective brings to the table technical know-how, domain expertise, demonstrable experience in government enterprise architecture design and application integration — and the determination to deliver the best.

Government and Healthcare IT planning reaches new level

While commercial establishments have depended on sophisticated IT installations for decades, regulated organizations and agencies have been slower to catch on.

However, since September 1999, when the Federal CIO Council published the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), federal IT leaders have had an increasingly rich set of standardized practices and designs from which to draw, including approaches for creating compatible business, data, applications and technology architectures. Since then, state and local governments have followed suit, with many states developing enterprise architecture plans similar to FEAF.

Therein, however, lies a problem. While the development of sophisticated EIP strategies is valuable, it imposes new burdens on public IT managers. Finding the resources to create these plans can be a headache especially given today’s tight governmental budgets — and executing them can stress your staff, particularly if unfamiliar technologies or new standards.

In the healthcare and medical technology industry, with technological advances and pharmaceutical progress, life expectancy has improved enormously. These new innovations in healthcare have improved the quality of care delivered to the people. An increase in the aging population, prevalent chronic diseases and expensive technology advancements to address improvements in medical procedures have resulted in spiraling costs and are making it difficult to make healthcare affordable. Another challenge in the healthcare segment is the usage of custom protocols which lack mandatory standards thereby resulting in vital information being lost or inaccessible from these devices.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture planning is a must-have for companies that want a scalable IT infrastructure. It offers a clear view of their goals, a detailed look at business functions, business processes, organizational roles, information resources, computing capabilities and business systems. It also supports the development of software applications, information exchange and communications infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture brings the following advantages to an organization:

  • It helps in understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • It supports the decision-making process.
  • It enhances an organization’s agility in adapting to change.
  • It eliminates inefficient and redundant processes.
  • It optimizes the use of organizational assets.
  • It minimizes employee turnover.
  • It extends the life existing IT investments to the extent possible.
  • It improves organizational efficiency

Guiding you through Enterprise Architecture planning


Netspective has carried out numerous EA implementations, and has in the process acquired a wealth of knowledge that it can leverage to steer organizations through key phases of the process. Our Enterprise Architects work hand in hand with clients, and create iterative and incremental models based on use-cases and business rules to arrive at a model that is uniquely suited to a particular organization.

While building an Enterprise Architecture, our team takes every aspect of your company’s operations into account. Their services include:

  • Identifying the organization’s goals and business objectives, hierarchical structure, business functions, as well as refining the processes and standards that drive its day-to-day operations.

  • Analyzing your organization’s application portfolio and the interdependencies of various components, as well as offering plans for upgrades and future expansion.

  • Defining and classifying the information that the organization needs to operate efficiently. By defining data management policies and information collection and consumption patterns, they allow your company to develop a shared, distributed and consistent data resource.

  • Offering a detailed picture of your company’s technology infrastructure, including the hardware, software, operating systems and networking solutions your organization depends upon to realize its business objectives.

The end result is improved decision making, greater adaptability to changing demands or market conditions, elimination of inefficient and redundant processes and better use of assets.

Netspective’s Enterprise Architecture Planning Service

Our Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) Turn-key Service can help you design and craft extensible architecture blueprints in a matter of days or weeks. Our EAP is a unique service that provides a knowledge bridge between your business and technology groups to help you create a results-oriented architecture.

First we assess your business drivers and corporate strategy. Using that understanding, we collaboratively develop an adoptable enterprise architecture plan that will have the best ability to be implemented. We help you create more than documents and guidelines: we help you choose the right technologies, give you the support you need to install and implement those technologies, and can even help you integrate your legacy business systems and processes into your new architecture. Using our NEAP service we can work together to rapidly optimizing your hardware and software infrastructure, enterprise applications, and data.

The NEAP Process


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