Enterprises in the Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology industries have a tricky path to walk if they want to maintain their IT or product security. They must create or incorporate new features and technology to provide better customer experience and also respond proactively to security and privacy threats, all while complying with changing regulatory requirements. Enterprises must identify, characterize and neutralize threats before critical systems are compromised and that means continuous monitoring, assessment and quick responses to threats.

Another important factor that has become an indispensable part of networked and distributed information sharing environment is IA (Information Assurance). IA offers greater confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication and verified sharing of transactions, systems and data. When conducted thoroughly, the IA process covers computers, processors and devices as well as environments (operating in a prototype, test bed, stand-alone, integrated, embedded, or networked configuration) that store, process, access, or transmit data.

Benefits of the Netspective approach

Netspective brings extensive experience at every step in the enterprise security architecture and management process, including design, deployment and implementation of enterprise-wide secure systems. Our approach is to designed systems that pull together identity management, directory services, provisioning services, authentication services, access management services and authorization services intelligently and smoothly. Adopting Netspective’s approach gives you the following benefits:

  • Security objectives become aligned to organizational goals and are encapsulated into policies
  • Information is better protected against cyber-attacks and compliant with HIPAA and other privacy standards
  • Security problems are identified and mitigated before they become significant incidents
  • Downtime due to security issues drop thereby improving system availability and increasing productivity.
  • Clients get a sustainable compliance program for consistent FISMA score
  • Companies can implement repeatable and auditable response processes for quick damage control

Netspective’s services

Our team creates comprehensive security plans, policies and processes and integrates them into day-to-day operations.When we develop an IT security plan, we begin by analyzing your current approach to information security, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and compile a list of applicable regulatory requirements. We then create an organization-wide information security program that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and data. Our Information Security services include:

  • Security consulting
  • Security architecture and design
  • Statutory compliance assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment and threat management
  • Setting up computer security incident response centers
  • Remote database administration
  • Backup & recovery and business continuity planning

Netspective has also developed a successful IA practice, working for Healthcare, Government and Medical technology clients. Our IA services include:

  • E-commerce security
  • Network security
  • Cryptographic schemes and applications
  • Authentication and access control
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Security analysis
  • Data security and privacy
  • Risk and trust management
  • Computational forensics

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.