In today’s competitive world, it is essential for enterprises to evaluate internal automation needs and market trends, to release new and innovative applications across various platforms based on these various demands. The best approach in delivering the solution to the end users is to have a simple but well-defined method of deploying a solution. In order to reduce the time to deploy and maximize returns on investments made towards the development of solutions, organizations need a well thought out deployment plan in place.Successful deployment roll-outs can be achieved with continuous improvement of processes and tools.

Netspective’s deployment strategies: Simple, Flexible and Multiplatform

Netspective’s flexible solutions allow you to pick and choose from different deployment and hosting options so that you can choose an option that best fits in with your business objectives and also lays the foundation for future expansion and integration.Our metrics combined with our processes and tools refined over the years form a baseline on which our delivery model is based thereby allowing us to reduce cost and error rates. We focus on providing Healthcare, Government and Medical.

Technology industries with –

  • Easily scalable systems that provide better disaster recovery and help your solutions reach the user sooner are characteristic of a well-architected cloud model. Our proven ability in the cloud architecting space ensures solutions that will help you leverage the power of cloud systems but makes sure that the data is protected, the platforms and infrastructure is secure and complies with the industry regulations.
  • Solutions that allow for a smooth integration into the existing infrastructure and legacy systems
  • Scalable solutions that make us an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes and structures. Most importantly, our deployment solutions are implemented with ease, are easily maintainable and are also cost effective
  • Capabilities across multiple screens from PC’s based on Windows, Chrome and IOS to Smartphones based on Android, Windows, IOS, QNX and others, or on proprietary OS or platforms.
  • Support of multiple Web browsers from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Android, Blackberry or others.
  • Release Management solutions that use proven tools to ensure regulatory requirements and performance needs.

Deployments made easy with Netspective

Netspective focuses on robust, high quality and easily deployable solutions encompassing the needs of privacy, security and compliance mandates for healthcare and government organizations.

In addition to deploying the applications, Netspective also trains end users on the product prior to deployment so that they can be productive from the first day. Once the personnel has been trained, relevant documentation, software artifacts, online help and all the associated initial production data will be loaded on to production servers. A series of Iterative User Acceptance Tests (UAT) will also be run until the UAT suite is successfully completed. The successful completion of the UAT is a mandate for sign off.

Netspective covers the following areas as part of deployment –

Cloud: Cloud systems facilitate scalability, better disaster recovery and allow organizations to get their product to the market sooner. Netspective helps organizations leverage the power of clouds while making sure the privacy, security and compliance regulations are adhered to.

Security: Netspective has extensive expertise in the design, deployment and implementation of enterprise wide security systems focusing on access and identity management, directory services, provisioning services, authentication and authorization services.

Release Management: Our solutions help you deliver products faster and cost effectively. We improve the user experience by providing simple and easy to set up deployable solutions. We focus on providing error free releases with negligible system downtime. We plan releases and see it through to completion effectively.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.