Leading Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology firms have automated complex industry specific business processes by building IT applications. The solutions may have been developed using the best approaches and technologies that had existed at the time of its implementation and successfully deployed within the organizations. With time, more complexities may have been added to these systems by repeated integration of new functionality and adding plugins to support new technology. The additions and integrations over time resulted in a monolithic system talking to hundreds and hundreds of applications. These systems caused a sharp increase in support costs, decrease in quality due to constant bugs and user frustration.

Product companies also make decisions to add and update software applications based on the market demands, pressures on marketing times and cost constraints. These decisions over a long period of time become more complex as multiple versions of the software need to be managed across multiple platforms supporting innumerable integrations. The maintenance of these kinds of systems becomes a phenomenal effort with rising costs, profitability requirements and customer satisfaction.

IT and Product Sustenance from Netspective

Netspective brings industry best practices and proven solutions to help you streamline your application management processes so as to increase efficiency and bring long term impacts. Our application maintenance services help you to get the best out of your customer EHR solutions, budgeting systems and product management applications. Netspective focuses on analysis of various factors like maintainability, cost reduction, customer satisfaction and meeting your business objectives. We use structured knowledge management tools to enhance the life of your systems thereby allowing you to focus on the more important strategic objectives.

As a software product matures in the production environment, changes will have to be incorporated to reflect realignment in workflows and new developments in the business environment. Hence it is important that the products be resilient and scalable. In order to accomplish this easily, these considerations would need to be included into the product during design and development. As part of our sustenance solutions, we act as a single point source for end-to-end application development. by meticulously managing your project from concept to completion and also maintaining your applications after deployment.

Netspective’s Specialties

Netspective’s Application Support Service offers a broad range of support services from applications to middleware platforms and technology stacks.

  • Our application service suite allows for the recording of incidents, preliminary issue exploration and research, tracking of issues, escalation of issues based on priority, impediment management, project closure, retrospective management and easy user administration.We help with the problem identification and management using trend analysis and scatter diagrams. Using root cause analysis with cause and effect diagramming tools and paretto charts, we help identify the root causes of problems and suggest solutions that address them.
  • Our testing, configuration management and release management services include setting up of various test environments, handling change request/release activities, release coordination, continuous integration and build deployment, and SCM tool management and administration.
  • We extend our services to product administration activities like monitoring, application deployment support on various platforms, patch releases and providing version control for application infrastructure.

Adding Value – Platform, Product and Legacy Sustenance

Netspective’s wide span of services provides solutions that add business value to your organization by lowering the downtime of systems, improving performance and allowing the team to concentrate on more important strategic initiatives.

Platform: With our expertise in the latest technologies, Netspective can help organizations develop protocols and integrate complex platforms. We also facilitate the re-engineering and functional enhancement of the existing software and hardware solutions. Along with a large ecosystem of vendors and partners, we bring our expertise in open source platforms to deliver robust and cost effective solutions.

Product Or Application:We bring you proven processes and methodologies together with our lessons learnt knowledge base and metrics refined over the years to help you deliver quality products within time and budget.

Legacy Modernization:Netspective has put together a unique team that can help you get the most out of your legacy systems and also transition the legacy code to newer platforms. Instead of throwing away the efforts and investments of the past years, these transitions not only makes best use of the legacy code but also helps organization implement the new into the old thereby getting the best of both.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.