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Technology is constantly evolving and new trends and methodologies keep coming into the market place. As technology grows, user demands also increase and organizations compete with each other to put out products in the market sooner so as to reach the consumers faster. As products evolve, organizations would need to be able to sustain themselves in order to maintain the existing products and also bring out innovative products into the market.

Netspective allows organizations to make the best use of their existing investments to efficiently operate and implement their business processes. Our project management principles closely relate to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBoK) guide to Project Management, which contains well established and proven rules to manage a project successfully to completion.

How can Netspective help?

Netspective helps enterprises with their sustenance requirements so as to allow their core team to actively contribute to new development activities and not have to worry about sustenance. A well defined set of processes and procedures are essential in order to push a quality product out into the market within the time and cost constraints of the project and also meeting all the requirements of the project stakeholders.

  • Our project management processes identifies all stakeholders, does detailed project planning of every aspect of the project from planning scope, time, quality, communications, human resources, integration management and procurement
  • Our Technology tools and platform capabilities across Java, .Net and C++ on Server, client and mobile hardware platforms, applying coding standards, and best practices, our leadership in Open source platforms all bring together the right team to develop you software application
  • Our quality assurance policies together with established metrics and benchmarks allow us to provide solutions that meet the time and cost constraints of the project without comprising on quality.
  • We pay special importance to assessing risk, evaluating risk and its impact, implementing risk response strategies and also creating contingency and fallback plans.

Our Services

We help you deliver quality products within the constraints of time and cost. We use various quality assessments and measuring tools to constantly watch over the quality of your products and processes in all phases of the lifecycle and catch deviations as they occur and take corrective actions to bring the project back on track.

  • Our services help create baselines for every aspect of the project like time, cost, quality and scope so that any deviation from the baseline is a notion that the project is going off course and actions can be taken for course correction.
  • We help with risk identification, risk analysis, risk impact, planning for risk, and providing risk response strategies for eliminating or mitigating the risk when it occurs. We also provide fallback plans for secondary risks and workarounds for unplanned risks.
  • We also help with communications planning by creating elaborate communication plans so that the requirements are understood by all the stakeholders and appropriate communication happens at the right time.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.