For the Healthcare and Medical Technology industry, executing your strategy efficiently and effectively will require ideas and support from inside your organization and from partners / vendors. As success today and in the future will be enabled by deploying the right technology to automate your processes or for building new products, one needs to put together the right vendor management strategy for all strategic initiatives. To fulfill your vision and execute your business strategy seamlessly, Netspective’s approach to managing partners / vendors can help bring together all resources, processes, best practices and an eco-system that enables selection and effective management.

Vendor Management, Sourcing and Procurement We help pick the right choices for you

Netspective’s vendor management services include product and technology procurement as well as contingent staffing and outsourcing. Netspective can help you manage your product and services supply chain by building a customized vendor management methodology addressing your strategic needs. Managing a partner or vendor requires tight collaboration between your organization and your extended supply chain across multiple activities and complex business procedures. Our vendor-neutral services allow you to tap into our knowledge of the industry best practices. Our team of experts guides you through the many choices that you have managed, in-house, outsourcing and on-premise services and solution providers.

The approach to the sourcing process focuses on first understanding the business objectives followed by building a high level scope that can be evolved and fine-tuned if needed, defining a process for solicitation and selection of vendors, contract negotiation and finally developing and measuring the success criteria. We take a structured and customized approach for each of our proven 8 step methodology for any technology partner identification process –

  • Sourcing scope Understand requirements, quality, timeline and preferred engagement models
  • Build sourcing strategy Build a re-usable framework for a specific initiative or an organization wide vendor strategy. This framework defines the processes, dependencies, budgets, identifies risks and defines the expectations of the outcomes.
  • Assess vendor capability Analyzing past vendor successes and failures, qualification of existing vendor base, mapping with internal capabilities and expected outcomes.
  • RFX development and management Define a structured and timely approach to generate vendor interest, participation, compliance requirements, manage RFP process and enable a communication plan that offers suitable value from partners
  • Response Analysis and Selection Create a custom weighted analysis model, compare across several parameters and provide recommendations for the optimum vendor(s) to be selected for a given initiative
  • Define Success Criteria Identify metrics suitable for a given initiative and that can be agreed to by both parties
  • Contract decision support Enable the contract negotiation and finalizing process to ensure risk and rewards are appropriately captured
  • Performance Reporting Constantly measure against the defined metrics and baselines to watch for any deviations from the project course and manage projects successfully to completion.

Netspective’s Vendor Management services

Our cost/benefit analysis will assist you in deciding which solution and vendor is the best option for your organization.Our industry experts facilitate the deployment of optimal solutions, reducing the costs of managing vendor relationships, improving customer satisfaction, increasing profitability and eliminating risks to achieve business success. We help identify opportunities and implement a proven process methodology to create a convergence between the vendor and your organization.

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