In the healthcare industry, the integration among the disparate Healthcare delivery systems has been a challenge for some time now. Devices such as the vital sign monitors and infusion pumps use custom protocols that are not designed for interoperability. The want of mandatory standards for these systems result in critical medical information being lost or inaccessible from these systems. Most importantly, the information is not available to the physicians real-time.

The government segment faces a lot of challenges today with poorly architected and rigid systems that hinder the integration of information. The right information needs to be available at the right time in order to make proper decisions and serve the public better.

How can Netspective help?

Netspective provides smart solutions which ensure availability of real time intelligent data and integration of information from varied systems into usable components. Netspective develops and integrates complete systems of all sizes. Our services portray a unique combination of deep Health, Government and Medical Technology experience and information technical expertise, broad experience in the environments in which the systems will be used, and strong systems engineering and program management processes and skills. These solutions facilitate a timely and cost effective treatment of patients in order to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes or helps the government sector capitalize on their existing IT investments by providing solutions that effectively integrates the various government systems differing in platforms and protocol. Netspective helps Medical Technology providers with building Product Integration Architecture, integration across all product families and integration with disparate on premise products or cloud based products or services seamlessly.

The Netspective edge for Healthcare

Healthcare needs to adopt new technologies that allows for the availability of information at the finger tips of the physicians thereby helping them to administer care effectively.

  • Netspective provides flexible solutions, which capitalizes on new and existing technologies and require minimal integration. Our proven expertise in the integration of healthcare applications to legacy systems allows us to give you reliable, robust and secure systems.
  • Years of experience in the healthcare domain allows us to create solutions that follow strict healthcare mandates.
  • We help make real time patient information readily available to clinicians to help them make well-informed decisions about their patients thereby increasing patient safety.
  • By providing automated solutions, we help reduce errors caused by manually entered data.

Netspective allows for smooth integration of disparate healthcare systems irrespective of the platforms or the operating systems of the devices.

EHR to EHR integration

Netspective EHR to EHR services integrate between EHR systems to exchange data and status updates effortlessly. This automation saves on the time and cost intensive data entry process that is prone to errors. It ensures data integrity and makes sure that all of the patient’s information is available across the EHR systems and none is lost during the transit from one EHR to the other.

EHR to Medical Technology Integration

With our UI expertise and proficient health domain knowledge, we offer practical, high quality and resilient solutions that would provide an extremely user friendly interface and easy integration. We have proven expertise in integrating our applications across various platforms and operating systems.

The Netspective edge for Government

Governments need processes, standards and systems that augment their productivity so that it makes them easier to do business with. Businesses and citizens need to be able to avail the government services easily. This calls for a simplification, coordination and integration of the various facets of government IT.

  • We deliver our technology solutions to the government in a time-boxed and cost effective manner while conforming to all government regulations
  • For all organizations in the public sector, our approach is to provide them access to valuable data and allow this data to be available instantaneously across the various government departments and agencies for personnel like the managers and analysts to make decisions. We provide our government customers with tools to make smarter decisions and perform better with more transparency.

Netspective services provides for easy integration of the old and new diverse systems for the various Government sections and agencies. It allows for connectivity among these systems irrespective of the platforms, operating systems or protocols present in these systems.

  • By providing solutions for collaboration and easy access to integrated data, Netspective helps governments facilitate effective decision making among the various sectors and units dealing with areas from benefit administration to safety.
  • We provide solutions that adhere to stringent government regulations and also increase visibility and transparency among the different departments and agencies within the government.

The Netspective edge for Medical Technology

Netspective’s Medical Technology Integration services provides a wide range of solutions to medical practices of any size and specialty. While maintaining modularity, yet being easily integratable, it provides a complete enterprise management solution. It allows for smooth integration with any third party solutions like billing systems, lab information systems, radiology systems, appointment scheduling systems and other healthcare systems.

Netspective delivers this service using it’s deep repository of solution frameworks to provide ability to pilot and build an integration platform or builds a customized framework for Medical products firms. This provides enterprises with proprietary product families the ability to communicate and integrate easily, while retaining the differentiated performance their proprietary platform brings their customers. Netspective also leverages Open source, Cloud and other approaches to enable integration without disrupting existing product architectures.

Netspective is a leader in M2M Integration for Medical Device industry and it’s team has been consulting with industry and regulatory associations to define the next generation of Device and Application Integration Standards in the Healthcare and Medical Devices space. Combining our Cloud and Product Architecture expertise with our integration experts, we build scalable solutions to allow Medical Technology firms with ability to build a platform, which can be further enhanced with an SDK model.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.