The pace of technology change in Healthcare and Medical Technology firms is at its highest now and continues to grow. Successful companies are consistently enhancing their technology strategy by either building new ones or improving their existing strategies or integration as part of M&A. Organizations regularly seek validation of their technology implementations or look for help to bring in new ideas, skills and capabilities that ensures return on their short and long term investments in technology.

Technology Strategy that aligns with your Business

Netspective has extensive Healthcare and Medical Technology domain knowledge and an average of 15+ years of experience delivering next generation software to leading organizations and agencies in these industries. Netspective can guide you so that you make diligent investments, acquisitions and mergers. Our experts help you choose cutting edge technologies and implement next generation software so that your solutions will be one of a kind in the market place.

We focus on understanding your business goals and strategies and also your expectations from technologies as process automation tools, business differentiators and innovative platform providers. After learning the core technologies used in current solutions and products in the pipeline, we analyze the organization’s technology roadmap to evaluate how it adds up to the current business needs. Our analysis covers infrastructure, hardware platform, OS, architecture, software, development platform including cloud and mobility, and even social media. Our R&D teams use these analysis results to map to trends within the specific industry to enhance the existing solutions or suggest new ones. Our experts can give you valuable advice in technological components to invest in, thereby adding value to your organization.

Factors affecting the choice of Technology

Solutions should always be designed keeping in mind the needs for future expansion and also allow for integration with the existing applications. ROI must be evaluated on the technology choices before implementing them. It is also essential to evaluate the TCO of buying, managing and supporting technological investment. An architecture can have a huge impact and hence it is vital to choose an architecture that best aligns with the business needs of the organization. Risks play a major role in project execution and so mitigation strategies and fall back plans should be in place for risks, whether it is financial, vendor or market related. A clear idea of your intellectual property implications is required. Assessing the impact of next generation technologies on your infrastructure and current processes and methodologies are vital for a competitive edge in the market place. We, at Netspective help you manage all factors affecting your technology choice.

Technology from the Business Angle

On the business end, we also help provide our customers with ideas that enables extension of current platform to new but complementary solutions, provide new business models and access to newer markets. Lastly, we look at the impact the choice of technology will have on the organization’s personnel as to whether there would be a huge learning curve, whether skilled personnel would need to be brought in and the like.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.