A platform strategy that continues to provide functionality support, performance and technology leadership while making it flexible, affordable and easy to integrate can bring sustainable growth and market leadership. Sustaining existing Platforms while focusing on new product development is a big challenge and also a very critical need for Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology enterprises today. To continue exploration of potential of new disruptive technologies, envision and manage new products under current platform, it is essential that the core IT or engineering team is focused on thinking ahead and not burdened support functions. This is critical as pace of innovation continues to be faster every day and changing business models drives need for constant changes to keep up with business and customer needs.

For IT organizations and product firms, your platforms are you key tools and infrastructure you select, own and license from partners upon which you enhance or develop you customized solutions. For product companies, Platform refers to software and underlying hardware that can be custom or off the shield but requires support and sustenance. Flexibility of SaaS model brings a need for product differentiation for medical technology firms as an imperative to sustain loyalty from customers with feature updates. As platform complexity increases, the sustenance phase often becomes the critical cost factor as competitive and TCO pressures mount and need to be in check.

How can Netspective help?

Netspective understands the critical role of supporting product and software platforms and its impact in business growth and profitability. We provide sustenance solutions that support product and applications lifecycle, working with your partners as needed, and bring extensive expertise in open source. This helps customers to secure revenue streams from existing product lines and win sustained loyalty from their existing customer base.You need a right partner who can bring true business impact by maximizing ROI and long term success of your existing platforms.

Netspective can help Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology firms IT and Engineering with

  • Platform Architecture enhancement support
  • Platform bug fixes and release management
  • Platform Re-engineering and modernization
  • Tools selection
  • Integration API’s and SDK development support
  • SLA based sustenance model for supporting technical operations involving application and infrastructure management, performance, patch / license management and backup / archiving
  • Testing Products and Applications interoperability
  • Building and managing API’s and SDK’s to support platform integration and extensibility within and across organizations

Netspective’s Platform sustenance services help our clients to improve their performance, functionality and interoperability of existing platforms. Our team of experts smoothly takes over the platform knowledge and designs an excellent sustenance plan that fits your specific platform and business objective. The plan focuses on managing technology change, migration and protocols to keep the system up and running.

Netspective is a leader in Technology and Consulting services in regulated markets - Healthcare, Government and Medical Technology.

Technology, consulting, and solutions focused on firms impacted by FDA, ONC, NIST or other safety, privacy, and security regulations.