OSEHRA Summit Lunch Keynote: Current health IT systems integrate poorly and that's a big opportunity for the OSEHRA community


OSEHRA Summit 2012 Lunch Keynote - The Myth of Health Data Integration Complexity. This is an opinionated look at why current health IT systems integrate poorly and how it’s a big opportunity for the OSEHRA Community.


  • A deluge of healthcare data is being created as we digitize biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Data changes the questions we ask and it can actually democratize and improve the science of medicine, if we let it.
  • While cures are the only real miracles of medicine, big data can help solve intractable problems and lead to more cures.
  • Healthcare-focused software engineering is going to do more harm than good (industry-neutral is better).

Key takeaways:

  • Major opportunity for systems integrators
  • Applications come and go, data lives forever. He who owns, integrates, and uses data wins in the end.
  • Never leave your data in the hands of an application/system vendor.
  • There’s nothing special about health IT data that justifies complex, expensive, or special technology.
  • Spend freely on multiple systems and integration-friendly solutions.

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